About CURO

A Leading Technology Platform for Short-Term Lending

In 1997, the Company was founded in Riverside, California by three Wichita, Kansas childhood friends to meet the growing consumer need for short-term loans. They set out to offer a variety of convenient, easily-accessible financial and loan services in a safe, clean and professional environment. Their success led to opening stores in multiple locations across the United States, and expanding to offer online loans and financial services across the nation. Today, CURO operates under a number of brands including Speedy Cash, Rapid Cash, Cash Money, LendDirect, Avío Credit, Opt+, Juo Loans and WageDayAdvance.

With over 20 years of operating experience, CURO provides financial freedom to the underbanked, a large and growing market. Our Financial Technology Team has created a unique, fully integrated system for end-to-end ownership of our financial and loan transactions.

Company Background

Robust Omni Channel Platform

Robust Omni Channel Platform

Dedicated to serving our Customers however they choose to work with us, Customers can conduct financial transactions online, via our mobile app, over the phone with our Contact Center, or by visiting one of our store locations.

Diversified Customer Acquisition Capabilities

Diversified Customer Acquisition Capabilities

We employ diversified Customer acquisition strategies using an Omni channel approach with a single customer database.



We have developed Advanced Credit Decisioning abilities with our proprietary CuroScore.

Large & Growing Market

Fintech Adoption Rates: In 2015, EY conducted a survey of digitally active consumers in 6 countries, defined as consumers that used two or more Fintech products (financial services products developed by non-bank, non-insurance, online products) in the last 6 months. The US adoption rate of 16.5% exceeded the survey average of 15.5%.

While every age and income category is expected to increase significantly, the EY report predicts that the adoption rate for Fintech consumers in the $30,000 and below income category will increase the most in the future, more than tripling usage in every age category.


could not cover an emergency expense costing $400 or, would cover it by selling something or borrowing money.


experience month to month income swings of more than 30%.

89 Million US Adults Have a FICO Score Under 649

5 Million Canadian Adults Have a FICO Score Under 649

12 Million Adults in the UK are Non-Prime Credit Market Customers

*Consumers are defined as adults that used two or more Fintech products (financial services products developed by non-bank, non-insurance, online products) in the last 6 months.